Izu Hakone Railway

Introduction to the Izu Hakone Railway

Izu Hakone Railway operates the Sunzu Line in the Izu Peninsula between the gateway city of Mishima and Shuzenji.  The line runs primarily commuter trains and is a popular way for tourists to travel from Mishima down into the Izu Peninsula.  

Taking around an hour with 10 stops along the way between Mishima City and Shuzenji, this is a nice relaxing way to acclimatise to the pace and atmosphere of Izu Peninsula when you first arrive.

*Note that if you have a JR Rail Pass it cannot be used with this private line.

The Izu Hakone Railway provides Bus, Train, and Taxi services to help to get from Hakone to Atami, Mishima, Izunokuni, and Izu City (including Shuzenji Onsen) easy.



The Izuhakone Sunzu Line travels between Mishima Station and Shuzenji Station in Izu City - with stops along the way in Izunokuni.

It is a great option for travelers on the JR Tokaido Bullet train to explore these parts of the Izu Peninsula.



Izu Hakone Railway has Bus Services available from Mishima, Numazu, Izu Nagaoka, and Shuzenji Stations to help you visit the main attractions in these areas - More Information & Timetables.

There is also a bus service that runs from Hakone-en and Moto-Hakone bus stops in Hakone that travel to Atami Station via the Jukkoku Toge Cable Car - More Information & Timetables.



With the special discount Izu Hakone 1 & 2 Day Pass you can enjoy exploring the area using the local trains and buses - More Information.

Another great option is the Izu Dream Pass - Fujimiji Route 2-Day Pass from Mishima Station which includes a one-way Suruga Ferry ride to Shimizu Port & Shizuoka Station - A great option for visitors with limited time that want to take a detour from the Golden Route to Explore Izu.



The Jukoku Toge Cable car is 316 meters long and connects Jukokunoboriguchi Station to the Jukokutoge station at the summit.  The ride time is around 3 minutes.


Things to do & See

Take a tour through atami onsen

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