Introduction to Izunokuni

Izunokuni is in the northern part of Izu Peninsula just a few minutes from Mishima on the Izu Hakone train line.

Izunokuni has a long and storied history and, over the centuries, has been a strategic location for many powerful Japanese Samurai – at first glance not much of this history remains today but dig a bit deeper and you will find a fascinating backstory.

Highlights of Izunokuni

Izunokuni is known for its Mt Fuji views, geisha school, delicious strawberries, and, in recent years, as a cycling and hiking destination.

Blessed with hot spring waters the Izunokuni area in its heyday was a thriving onsen destination.  

There are only 2 surviving Geisha schools in Japan – one in Izunokuni and the other in Kyoto meaning you can get a once-in-a-lifetime authentic Geisha experience in Izunokuni.

For those looking to explore the history of Izunokuni, Nirayama Cannon Smelting facility Nirayama reverberatory furnaces and Ganjojuin Temple are popular sites.

Close to Izunokuni

Things to do & See

SUMMER ( June – August  – 15 – 35 degrees)

For those looking to explore the history of Izunokuni, Nirayama Cannon Smelting facility and Ganjojuin Temple are popular sites.

Summer is a great time for beer drinking in Japan and visitors to Kuraya Narusawa next to the Reverberatory can enjoy the local Hansharo Brewery craft beer and there are plenty of great bars and restaurants in the Kona area of the town.


AUTUMN ( September – November – 10 – 25 degrees)

The Autumn months are a great time to get outdoors and enjoy some of the cycling and hiking options in and around Izunokuni.

There are only 2 surviving Geisha schools in Japan – one in Izunokuni and the other in Kyoto meaning you can get a once in a lifetime authentic Geisha experience in Izunokuni.


WINTER ( December – February – 5 – 20 degrees)

Although it can be cold the clear blue skies of Winter are a great time to jump on a bicycle and explore some of the best cycling routes that Izu has to offer – as a gateway to Izu there is perhaps no better base to do that from than Izunokuni.

Top of the range Merida road and e-bikes are available to rent at the Merida X-Base and Kona Stay offers tailor made accommodation for cycling enthusiasts with a number of great restaurant options within walking distance of the hotel.


SPRING (March – May – 10 – 25 degrees)

Head to Izunokuni in early Spring to get some of the best views of a snow capped Mt Fuji from the top of the Panorama Park cable car with an array of colorful flowers in full bloom.

If you are looking for a little adventure try the hiking and abseiling tour on Mt Joyama which combines great views of Mt Fuji, Izu Peninsula and an adrenaline pumping 100 meter rappel. 


Take the Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen Kodama from Tokyo Station to Mishima Station and transfer to the local line to Izu-Nagaoka Station. 

From Izu-Nagaoka station take a local bus to Izunokuni.





Take the Tomei Expressway from Tokyo and follow signs to Shizuoka. 

Take the Nagaizumi-Numazu IC towards Izu Jukan Expressway/ Mishima / Shimoda. 

Continue onto Route 136 and Route 414 until you reach Izunokuni.





Izunokuni is becoming a popular spot for cycling and this is a great way to explore the local area. 

Izunokuni is not very big and you can also walk around most of the local attractions in the town.

For those wanting to go further and take in some of the beautiful views it is advisable to have a car or to use the local bus service.

The Izu Dream Pass Fujimi Route includes the Nagaoka Onsen Bus Loop.

The Izu-Hakone Railway and Bus 1 or 2 Day Pass is also a good option for getting around Izunokuni.


Izunokuni has some nice traditional ryokan options available offering hot springs, traditional kaiseki ryori and omotenashi service.



There are several hotel options available in the Izunokuni area ranging from 2~4 stars for those wanting a more western hotel atmosphere without missing out on the hot spring experience.

Kona Stay is a hotel catering especially to cyclists and offers all the comforts you would expect, including a hot spring, while also providing safe bicycle storage, bicycle rental and a bicycle cleaning service.



There are not many Guesthouses or Minshuku around Izunokuni.



There are not a lot of camping options around the Izunokuni area.

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