Introduction to Numazu

Nestled below Mt Fuji and on the coast of Suruga Bay, Numazu is easily accessible from Tokyo.   

Known for its maritime climate with hot summers and mild winters Numazu is a popular destination for those who love the outdoors. 

From Numazu, visitors have access to Izu’s stunning West Coast – beautiful beaches, coastline, and other scenic spots, many with great views of Mt Fuji.

Highlights of Numazu

Numazu City is famous for its bustling fish market and the seafood restaurants and bars that offer visitors a warm and welcoming atmosphere and opportunity to meet the local people.

The coastline down to Heda Port is beautiful and a popular route for cycling enthusiasts.

Considered to be one of the most scenic areas along the Old Tokaido Road, Senbonhama Beach and Park offer stunning views of the pine grove, Suruga Bay and Mt. Fuji.

Close to Numazu

Things to do & See

SUMMER ( June – August  – 15 – 35 degrees)

Summer temperatures in the city area of Numazu can get up above 35 degrees and uncomfortably hot but the cool waters of Suruga Bay are not far away and can offer relief. 

Traveling South to the Port town of Heda, watching fireworks along the Kano River, or drinking beer and sake in the fish market area are all great Summertime activities in Numazu.

Be sure to pop into the Baird Beer Taproom and enjoy some of Japan’s best craft beer.


AUTUMN ( September – November – 10 – 25 degrees)

Autumn brings cooler temperatures and the further into the Fall season you go the more chance you will have to see Mt Fuji in all its glory.

Cycling down the West Coast of Izu or through the Pine Groves of Senbonhama beach from early October to late November is highly recommended.


WINTER ( December – February – 5 – 20 degrees)

Wintertime temperatures drop significantly but the weather is often stable with clear blue skies which offer amazing views of Mt Fuji.

The winter months bring some of the freshest and best seafood to the Numazu fish market and hopping from restaurants in the fish market area is a great wintertime activity.


SPRING (March – May – 10 – 25 degrees)

Spring brings fresh life to Numazu, all the hills all along the West Coast begin to blossom, and it is still possible to get amazing views of a snow-capped Mt Fuji. 

Take advantage of the great Spring weather to get outdoors and enjoy cherry blossoms and the amazing greens and colours that blast into life.


Numazu Station is located on the Local JR Tokaido Line that runs the length of Shizuoka and is just 1 stop (6 minutes) from Mishima JR Bullet train station

The Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen Kodama from TokyoStation to Mishima Station takes just over 50 minutes stopping at Shinagawa, Shin-Yokohama, Odawara, and Atami Stations on the way.

The total travel time is approximately 75 minutes.




Numazu is a relatively easy 2-hour drive from Tokyo on the Tomei Expressway.

Take the Tomei Expressway from Tokyo and exit at the Numazu Interchange – from there follow the signs to Numazu Station




The area around Numazu Station, the fish market, port, and Senbonhama beach area is relatively compact and it is possible to get around on foot if you don’t have too much luggage.

Rental bicycles are available and are a great option making it a little easier to get around – if you are a keen cyclist look at visiting the Merida cycle center in neighboring Izunokuni for some great bike rentals. 

If you are looking to travel down the West Coast of Izu to Uchiura, Awashima, or Heda Beach, and you are not cycling, Tokai Bus has a bus service available, or rental car or camping cars give you the freedom to travel.


With commanding views overlooking Suruga Bay of Mt Fuji there are a number of traditional Japanese ryokan along Izu’s West Coast just South of Numazu – particularly Awashima, Uchiura Bay and Heda Port.



Due to its position as on the JR Local Tokaido train line and its history as a hub of business for the area Numazu has been accommodating travelers of all types for many years and as a result there are a wide variety of hotels available.



Numazu has a limited number of low cost guest houses available around Numazu Station and also dotted along the Suruga Bay coastline.



There are not a lot of camping options in and around Numazu City and only a couple of options along the Coast South of the city.

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