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Atami is a coastal region in the North East and a gateway to Izu Peninsula – boasting baths with expansive sea views it has long been a favorite getaway for Tokyoites.  

Whether taking a day trip or a longer vacation Atami offers beautiful scenery, history, traditional Japanese hospitality, food, art and culture.  

Only 45 minutes from Tokyo on the JR Tokaido Bullet Train, Atami is arguably the most accessible traditional hot spring town from Tokyo.

Highlights of atami

Atami is a great destination for those looking for easily accessible traditional Japanese hospitality and visitors traveling to Japan to enjoy intricately prepared Japanese cuisine.   

One of the major draws of Atami for foreigners and Japanese alike is the variety of things to do in the area including; MOA Art Museum, Atami Castle, Atami Plum Garden, and Atami Sun Beach.

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Things to do & See

SUMMER ( June – August  – 15 – 35 degrees)

Atami can be crowded during Japanese school holidays in August but weekdays in early July and September are a great time to dress in Yukata and enjoy warm summer evenings. 

Atami has regular fireworks displays in the harbor during the warmer months and many of the local hotels are set up so you can enjoy a meal or hot bath while watching the skies light up.

Summer festivals, including the fireworks, are fun and offer visitors an opportunity to get an up-close look at Japanese culture.


AUTUMN ( September – November – 10 – 25 degrees)

Atami enjoys clear blue Autumn skies and pleasant evenings which are conducive to strolling through the town and enjoying the local restaurants or walks on Atami Sun Beach.

The Autumn leaves come a little later to Atami than central Japan but you can enjoy the changing leaves at the Plum Blossom Gardens.

WINTER ( December – February – 5 – 20 degrees)

Winter in Atami is a time for warm hot springs and delicious seasonal Japanese cuisine that includes a lot of fresh seafood.

Although it can be cold in Winter there are plenty of blue sky days and plum and cherry blossoms can be enjoyed as early as January giving the feeling of an early Spring.


SPRING (March – May – 10 – 25 degrees)

Spring is a great time to visit Atami as the surrounding nature and locals awaken from their winter slumber. 

Visit Atami for cherry blossoms, daffodils, jacaranda, and wisteria that all bloom during these Spring months – Atami is a popular destination during the Golden Week holiday in early May.


Atami`s greatest asset is its easy accessibility from Tokyo.

The Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen Kodama from Tokyo takes just 45 minutes to arrive at Atami Station with stops at Shinagawa, Shin-Yokohama, and Odawara Stations on the way.




Take the Tomei Expressway from Tokyo transfer at Atsugi IC to the Odawara Atsugi National Route 271 and then take the Route 135 Seisho Bypass and then finally merge onto the Atami Beach Line which follows the coast to Atami.




Some of the more popular tourist attractions in Atami can be a little bit difficult to access by foot but there is a reliable bus service that is available to help you get around.

Tokai Bus runs the Yuyu Sightseeing Loop Bus which costs 250 yen per ride or you can buy a 1-day pass for 700 yen and the pass provides a discount on admission at some of the more popular attractions in the area – More Info


Atami is perhaps most famous as a traditional ryokan hot spring destination and visitors have been traveling to the area for centuries to enjoy traditional Japanese ryokan hospitality – an Omotenashi service that includes hot springs, multi-course meals and relaxation.



There are a number of ‘Western style’ hotels located in and around Atami that are a great example of modern Resort Hotels that include outdoor hot spring baths with expansive sea views.



The Atami area has a large number of reasonably priced, more intimate  Minshuku and Guesthouses that are often family run and a great way to meet the locals and learn about daily life in Atami.



There are not a lot of camping options in the main Onsen area of Atami but if you would like to camp, the Pica Campground on the island of Hatsushima is a very unique option – a 30 minute boat ride from Atami Port.

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