Izukyu Railway

Introduction to the Izukyu Railway

The Izukyu Train Company runs trains from Ito to Izukyu Shimoda Stations – often passengers traveling along the Eastern Coast of Izu will have to transfer from the JR operated trains that stop at Ito Station to the Izukyu trains to continue their journey.

Izukyu’s Izukyuko Line operates primarily between Ito Station and Izukyu-Shimoda Station but also shares the tracks with JR East Railway and has a limited operation called the Resort Odoriko that travels from Tokyo to Izukyu-Shimoda Station stopping along the way at Yokohama and Atami Stations.

The train system on the East Coast can be a little confusing with essentially 2 train companies operating on the tracks and a number of different trains that leave from different stations along the way so it is worthwhile asking at an information desk to ensure you catch the correct train.

* Note – the JR Rail Pass cannot be used with this private line but you can travel with JR as far as Ito Station.

Commuter Trains - Izu Kyuko Line

The Izu Kyuko Railway Commuter Train Line runs from Ito Station to Izukyu-Shimoda Station linking with the JR Ito Line to connect with Atami Station.

The Izu Dream Pass (Koganeji and Wasabiji Routes) can be used between Ito and Kawazu or Izukyu-Shimoda Stations as a one-way ticket.


Resort 21 Trains - Kurofune & Kinme

The Kurofune and Kinme trains are part of a series that operates between Atami Station and Izukyu Shimoda Station

Unlike the commuter trains, they are modeled on the history of the local area and provide a higher level of comfort and offer expansive ocean views as you travel down the coast.

The Resort 21 trains do not operate every day and there are only up to 3 trips from Atami to Shimoda in a day depending on the season. 


Royal Express

The Royal Express is a luxury train that has universal functionality and beauty in mind - the plush interior uses traditional materials and craftsmanship combined with cutting-edge technologies for those who want to travel in comfort and style.

The Royal Express offers a range of full experience 2-day / 1-night journeys leaving from Yokohama Station.

Packages include accommodation in Shimoda or Kawazu, a welcoming ceremony, exquisite onboard meals prepared by master chefs, and even an onboard violinist to serenade you.


Things to do & See

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