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Izu Peninsula is a designated UNESCO Global Geopark and part of Japan’s Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park.

Famous for its world-class natural onsen, pristine beaches, rivers, and streams fed by run-off water from Mt. Fuji, coral reefs, and breathtaking waterfalls.

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Izu Geopark has some of the most breathtaking natural features to be seen anywhere in the world which was created by uninterrupted volcanic activity and tectonic plate shifts over the last 20 million years.

With its breathtaking nature, Izu is home to several natural ‘power spots’ that are believed by the Japanese to have qualities that mentally and physically recharge and energize those who visit the area.

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The central area of Izu “Naka Izu” really is the heart and soul of the Peninsula with the high peaks of Mt Amagi (1,406m) and others providing the lifegiving water that flows through all of the local towns and the small rural farming areas. 

When people visit Izu for the first time they are invariably impressed with how the land can so rapidly rise from sea level up to 1400 meters over such a short distance.

Central Izu is made up of highlands that run the length of the peninsula – the dramatic altitude difference has carved out many fast-flowing canyons and impressive waterfalls in the volcanic rock over millions of years.



The dramatic volcanic activity that created the Izu Peninsula millions of years ago is also clearly visible when you visit the coastal areas of Izu.

Coastal areas such as the Jogasaki Coast are a great place to visit to better appreciate what nature has done over millions of years as the volcanic rock has formed giant walls to protect the coastal areas from the raging Pacific Ocean.

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