Introduction to Ryokan

Ryokan are a traditional style Japanese Inn, some of which have been operating for more than 100 years.

A Ryokan provides rooms with tatami mats and sliding paper doors with futon style beds on the floor, indoor and, often, outdoor hot springs and a multi-course Japanese meal.  

Ryokan are a popular type of accommodation throughout Japan that are famous for their exemplary hospitality and attention to detail to ensure visitors feel completely relaxed and rested – a concept that is known as ‘Omotenashi’ service.

Some Popular Ryokan Destinations in Izu

A good way to think of Ryokan is as a place to experience an exceptional full-course Japanese ‘Kaiseki’ meal at a restaurant where guests are able to spend the night and soak away their worries in a healing hot spring.

It is a slightly different concept to that of a traditional Western hotel and for many first time visitors it can be a little bit difficult to fully understand – it may take a few visits to truly understand how much of an outstanding experience it is.


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Typically Ryokan offers kaiseki ryori (a traditional Japanese multi-course meal) with hot green tea. 

The course will present a selection of food from the surrounding region. 

At most Japanese ryokan a night’s stay will include 2 meals – dinner is typically a traditional Japanese multi-course meal normally made up of 9 courses that is prepared by the chef from local, seasonal ingredients.



Ryokan in Japan generally provides a room with tatami flooring and a futon mattress – for some visitors to Japan sleeping on the floor may be a new experience.  

Traditional ryokan rooms also normally include Japanese paper shoji sliding doors and a small table with cushions where you can enjoy traditional green tea.  



Ryokan rooms will not typically have a shower or a bath as the whole experience centers around the onsen hot spring located on the premises. 

After you enjoy a relaxing onsen bath you can lounge in the large, open communal space in the traditional Japanese Yukata provided and enjoy a refreshment. 

Wherever you choose to stay there will be a male and female onsen available. 

In some cases, the Ryokan will rotate the onsen hours of use for males and females.

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