Resort Hotels

Introduction to Resort Hotels

Resort Hotels are known for their all-inclusive packages, top class suites, luxury facilities and impeccable service.  

Resort Hotels provide spa, golf or hot spring options for visitors looking to pamper themselves and take time to recharge and soak in the beauty of Izu.

Hotel resorts will also provide assistance when planning or booking activities in the area during your stay.

Some Popular Resort Hotels in Izu

As expected the cuisine at Resort Hotels is of the highest quality and prepared by chefs at the top of their profession.

Resort hotels offer first class Onsen and Spa facilities with access to bilingual staff who will help you navigate your stay with the ‘omotenashi’ hospitality.

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Things to do & See


Japan has perfected the art of Hot Spring bathing as a way to absolutely relax and soak away your everyday worries and stress.

On the Izu Peninsula, there are numerous Resort Hotels that provide onsen baths with ocean views and other scenic locations designed to help you relax completely.



The Izu Peninsula boasts some of Japan's most stunning golf course resorts with stunning coastal scenery and views of Mt Fuji.

These golf resorts also provide first-class accommodations and luxury to ensure that your stay is as memorable as possible.

Explore Shizuoka

Check Mount Fuji Travel to find and book activities in Shizuoka.

Museum of Art Green Tea Experience

You can experience authentic Japanese culture in the Kōrin’s Residence situated in the museum garden.

Enjoy Kawazu Sakura

Visit Kawazu for World famous cherry blossoms stay for the hospitality, nature, hot springs, and seafood


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