Introduction to Hotels

Hotels in the Izu Peninsula are most often found in larger towns and cities and are located near the centre of town and close to the train stations – primarily providing accommodation to businessmen or travelers who are just looking for a bed for the night.

Hotels in Izu range from budget-friendly business hotels which provide a small room with an attached bathroom and a simple breakfast to a more spacious 4 star quality room with a restaurant on the premises.

Some Popular Hotels in Izu

Most hotels 3 star and above will have English speaking staff and a choice of western and japanese style menu for dinner and breakfast.

Although common onsen baths are available, hotels will also provide a toilet and bathroom in your room.

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Things to do & See

Many hotels in the Izu Peninsula have ocean views or views of Mt. Fuji from the rooms and open air areas for guests to relax and soak it all in.

Izu Peninsula also has some interesting niche hotel options for cyclists and those travelling with pets.  

Checking into a hotel will give you the benefit of both western and Japanese culture,   providing facilities, such as onsen, that are more typically only found in Japan.

Explore Shizuoka

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Museum of Art Green Tea Experience

You can experience authentic Japanese culture in the Kōrin’s Residence situated in the museum garden.

Enjoy Kawazu Sakura

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