Guest House

Introduction to Guest Houses in Izu

In Izu Peninsula Guesthouses are normally small, renovated traditional houses with rooms set up in a dormitory-style with futons or bunk beds.

Bathroom and toilet facilities are shared and the kitchen and living areas are open communal spaces. 

Most guesthouses have a unique style that reflects the owner’s personality, interests and sense of home decor.

Some Popular Guest Houses in Izu

Guest Houses are a good option for those looking for affordable accommodation and a chance to interact and make friends with other guests in a casual atmosphere.

Often guest houses will have a small communal area with board games and books to leaf through that may have been left by other travelers, or local pamphlets and information.


Things to do & See


Similar to a minshuku, Japanese guesthouses have a homey feel and are a fantastic opportunity to interact with the owners and fellow travelers - sharing travel stories and taking advantage of local knowledge and experience to help enhance your holiday.  

The guesthouse owner will likely be a fountain of knowledge about the local area, bars and restaurants and in many cases will help you organise booking a meal.

For those who enjoy the social aspect of travelling or for solo travellers a guesthouse is a good option with affordable shared dormitory style rooms and common living spaces.

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