Camping & Glamping

Introduction to Camping & Glamping IZu

Camping in Izu is a great way to save your travel budget and see things from a more hands-on perspective.  

Campsites offer the basic facilities needed to enjoy a night out under the stars including cleaning facilities, communal BBQ areas, and food preparation areas. 

For those looking for a more comfortable connection to nature, glamping experiences are available in the Izu Peninsula too.

Some Popular Campsites in Izu

Izu Peninsula has favourable weather for camping and two of the best seasons to go are the spring and autumn months.

There are many campsites all over the peninsula and in particular around the coast to the south-east, south and south-west.


Things to do & See


Camping is a, perhaps surprisingly popular pastime in Japan.

Especially during the hotter Summer months and school holidays in July / August, many families pack up their car and head to the beach or into the mountains to enjoy family time in the Great Outdoors.

Many campsites offer more than just the basic facilities you would expect such as coin laundry and hot shower facilities.

Some campgrounds offer rental tents or have basic cabins with beds also available.

There are a number of 'Auto-Camps' set up to cater for those with campervans in Izu which provide dedicated spaces for your vehicle, an electric socket, and toilet/shower facilities - check the Rental Vehicles Page for more details.



Glamping has become extremely popular recently in Japan and there are a few sites worth a visit in Izu Peninsula offering high-quality experiences.

Generally, at a glamping site, everything is catered for and visitors can enjoy a luxurious camping experience without any of the hassles of packing and unpacking their camping equipment.

Explore Shizuoka

Check Mount Fuji Travel to find and book activities in Shizuoka.

Museum of Art Green Tea Experience

You can experience authentic Japanese culture in the Kōrin’s Residence situated in the museum garden.

Enjoy Kawazu Sakura

Visit Kawazu for World famous cherry blossoms stay for the hospitality, nature, hot springs, and seafood


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