Special Travel Passes


The Izu Dream Pass is a great option for those wanting to Explore Izu Peninsula. 

The special travel passes are a result of collaboration between transport companies in Izu to help making travel in Izu more affordable. 

There are 3 types of passes available depending on your desired destination – 

  • The Koganeji Pass is valid for 3 days – access to the East and West coast of the Izu Peninsula. 
  • The Wasabiji Pass is also valid for 3 days -access to the Central Region of the Izu Peninsula.
  • Fujimiji Pass is valid for 2 days – a good choice for travelers with limited time to explore the North West region.

All of the routes on the Izu Dream Pass include a one-way ticket for the Suruga Ferry which travels from Toi to Shimizu Port near Shizuoka Station.

Izukyu Line Passes

The Izukyu Line has a 1 or 2-day pass for unlimited rides on their line for the duration of the pass you choose. 

Having this pass also gets you special discounts, services, and gifts at 13 different locations along the East Coast of the Izu Peninsula.

Tokai Buses

The Tokai Bus operates in most areas of the Izu Peninsula and centers around major railway stations including; Atami, Shimoda, Shuzenji, and Ito. 

Tokai buses provide an Unlimited Ride-Pass for different areas of the Izu peninsula providing visitors access to some of the many off-the-beaten-path destinations.

Tokai Bus Pass Options Include:

  • Yuyu Sightseeing Loop Bus Pass (Atami)
  • Izu Kogen & Jogasaki Coast Pass (Ito City)
  • Ito Kanko Free Pass (Ito City)
  • Minami Izu Free Pass (Shimoda, Minami Izu, Matsuzaki, and Nishi Izu)
  • Amagiji Free Pass (Kawazu)

For those without a driver’s license or not comfortable with driving in a foreign country buses are a great option for getting around.

*For Izu Hakone Bus Special Travel Passes see the Izu Hakone Railway Page.


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