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Introduction to JR Trains & Bullet Trains

The JR Tokaido Shinkansen is the most direct route and most convenient way to travel from Tokyo to the Izu gateway cities of Atami and Mishima.  

If you travel on the Tokaido Kodama Line it is covered by the JR Rail Pass.

Another alternative are the JR Limited Express Trains “Odoriko” and “Saphir Odoriko” which travel from Tokyo and Shinjuku Stations and access the main stations on Izu’s East Coast – with limited service to Mishima and Shuzenji Stations also.

If you are traveling on a budget (and don’t have a JR Rail Pass) JR also operates local lines – JR Tokaido Line and JR Ito Line – these trains take longer to get to Izu but are considerably cheaper.


The Tokaido Bullet train (Kodama Line) gets to Atami Station from Tokyo Station in 50 minutes and it costs 4,470 yen. 

Mishima Station is the stop after Atami and it takes 53 minutes from Tokyo and costs 4,800 yen 

You can catch the Kodama Line from Tokyo, Shinagawa, and Shin Yokohama Stations. 

The Kodama Line stops at Odawara Station which provides easy access to Hakone so it is a popular option for visitors with JR Rail Passes as they can get off and on at the different stations along the way all on one ticket.


JR LOCAL TRAINS – Tokaido Main Line & Ito Line

JR East operates the Tokaido Main Line from Tokyo Station to Atami – there are 21 stops along the way, which takes just under 2 hours, and the train costs 1,980 yen.

From Atami, the Tokaido Main Line operated by JR Central continues on stopping at Kannami, Mishima, and Numazu Stations.

JR East also operates the Ito Line which connects Atami to Ito Station, it takes 22 minutes.



JR East operates 2 Limited Express trains from Tokyo – The Odoriko and Saphir Odoriko.

The Limited Express Odoriko operates from both Shinjuku and Tokyo Stations with stops at Shibuya, Shinagawa, and Yokohama on the way, depending on which station you catch it from, before stopping at Atami Station.

The Saphir Odoriko began operations in March 2020 providing travelers with a luxury travel option for the Izu Peninsula with a choice of First Class, Premium First class or Private rooms.

Train Map JR Izu


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