Nishi Izu

Introduction to Nishi Izu

Famous for its coastline which is thought to be the most beautiful in Japan, Nishi Izu is one of Japan’s hidden gems and the perfect place to escape the bustle of the city.  

With picturesque beaches looking out over the Pacific Ocean and an abundance of hot springs in the area this is the perfect place to relax and soak in the sunset.

For those looking for more adventure Nishi Izu also offers some great cycling routes and water-based activities.

Highlights of Nishi Izu

Quieter than other locations Nishi Izu has an abundance of fun outdoor activities and delicious local seafood making it a fantastic choice for those looking to go a little off the beaten track.

Famous for its coastline, beautiful sunset, and onsen hot springs Nishi Izu has breathtaking natural beauty spots including Dogashima Tensodo Cave, a designated natural treasure. 

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Things to do & See

SUMMER ( June - August  - 15 - 35 degrees)

The long hot days of Japanese Summer seem a little more bearable in Nishi Izu. 

A cool ocean breeze sweeps off Suruga Bay, a dip in the cool clear waters helps keep the temperatures down.


AUTUMN ( September - November - 10 - 25 degrees)

As Summer slowly fades into Autumn and the days start to get shorter sunsets off the Western coastline of Nishi Izu start to become more intense.

Nishi Izu is popular with visitors that want to relax in a hot spring and enjoy the intense colors as the sun slowly sinks into the horizon.


WINTER ( December - February - 5 - 20 degrees)

Winter along the Western Coast of Izu can be idyllic when the Westerly winds are calm. 

Many claim that the Winter is when Izu Seafood is at its best and with its easy access to the bountiful Suruga Bay on its doorstep Nishi Izu boasts some of the best seafood in all of Izu.


SPRING (March - May - 10 - 25 degrees)

As with much of Izu, Nishi Izu enjoys an early Spring and visitors can feel comfortable being outdoors, on the beach, or hiking in the hills as early as March.



Nishi Izu on the West Coast of the Peninsula does not have any direct train access and public transport is limited to bus services from either Numazu, Shuzenji, or Shimoda.

It is worth checking the Izu Dream Pass to get a good deal on public transport.



Take the Tomei Expressway from Tokyo and follow signs to Shizuoka.  Take the Nagaizumi-Namazu IC towards Izu Jukan Expressway/Mishima/Shimoda. Continue onto Route 136 and follow the road until you reach Nishi Izu.



Nishi Izu is famous for its beautiful coastline and breathtaking scenery so renting a car or campervan is a great way to get around the area.  For the cycling enthusiasts, a bicycle is also a nice alternative but be prepared for some serious riding.

With limited public transport options available it is worth planning your travel arrangements in advance of going to Nishi Izu to avoid any issues.  For those looking to use public transport, the Izu Dream Pass is a good option.


Nishi Izu has relatively few ryokan options compared to other areas of the peninsula but there are one or two available along the coast.


There are a number of ‘Western style’ hotels located along the coast with great views out over Suruga Bay.  Many of the hotels also have traditional-style Japanese rooms and western-style rooms to suit your needs.  


There are some low-cost guesthouses located on the Nishi Izu coastline if you are looking for a more local experience.


There are several campsites located on the Nishi Izu coast including some with access for campervans. 

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