Introduction to Matsuzaki

Located on the southwest coast of Izu Peninsula, Matsuzaki is an off-the-beaten track destination that rewards intrepid travelers with a range of activities and experiences. 

Matsuzaki is made up of two main areas, Matsuzaki Town and the Kumomi Bay area.

Highlights of atami matsuzaki

Matsuzaki port town thrived in the silk yarn business of the 19th century and the town has a unique history of craftsmanship which can be seen in some of the Jubun Iwashima School building, local Namako wall architecture, and the Chohachi Art Museum

Kumomi Bay area provides great views of Mt Fuji and attractions such as the Senganmon Rocks a volcanic feature forming a natural gate shape that is a popular spot for snorkeling and sea kayaking, and the 160 meters tall Mt Eboshi – the steep steps are a great test of your leg strength and cardio but the view from the top on a clear day is worth the effort.

Close to Matsuzaki

Things to do & See

SUMMER ( June - August  - 15 - 35 degrees)

The small fishing inlet town of Kumomi Bay area is known for its calm, clear water and is famous for its stunning views of Mt Fuji. 

For the more adventurous jump on a sea kayak and explore the Senganmon Rocks - a volcanic feature forming a natural gate shape that is a popular spot for snorkeling and scuba diving courses.


AUTUMN ( September - November - 10 - 25 degrees)

Matsuzaki was the center of, the now famous, ‘Namako Wall’ culture in Izu, and visitors can see the high-quality craftsmanship on display when walking through this picturesque seaside fishing town.

Autumn is a great time to wander through the village and visit some of the more iconic buildings related to Namako Walls.


WINTER ( December - February - 5 - 20 degrees)

Although the Winter westerly winds can whip in off the water from December through to February and March if you get a calm day this can be the best season to visit Matsuzaki.

Climb to the top of Mt Eboshi for unparalleled views of Mt Fuji or join a sea kayaking fishing tour and enjoy a snow-capped Mt Fuji while you fish.


SPRING (March - May - 10 - 25 degrees)

Cherry blossoms start to bloom in Matsuzaki at the end of March and from April through to June there are a number of different blossoms in the area that spring to life.

Water is added to the Ishibu Rice terraces in preparation for planting rice in late April and May and this is a great time to visit this iconic location.


Matsuzaki is on the South-West Coast of the Peninsula does not have any direct train access and public transport is limited to bus services from Shimoda.

It is worth checking the Izu Dream Pass to get a good deal on public transport.




Take the Tomei Expressway from Tokyo and follow signs to Shizuoka.  Take the Nagaizumi-Namazu IC towards Izu Jukan Expressway/Mishima/Shimoda. Continue onto Route 136 and follow the road until you reach Matsuzaki.




The area around Matsuzaki is a bit off the beaten path so the best way to travel is by car.  However in the village itself walking or cycling is a nice relaxing way to take in the area.


Matsuzaki has few ryokan options but there are one or two available along the coast.



There are a number of hotels located in and around Matsuzaki with views out over Suruga Bay.



There are some low-cost guesthouses around Matsuzaki.



There are several campsites located on the Nishi Izu coast including some with access for campervans.  The closest to Matsuzaki is Izu Matsuzaki Asobijima.

Explore Shizuoka

Just a short journey South of Mishima Station, the West Coast of Izu offers intrepid travelers a chance to get off the beaten track.

Mt Fuji Travel

Check Mount Fuji Travel to find and book activities in Matsuzaki.

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