Higashi Izu

Introduction to higashi Izu

Located on the east coast of Izu Peninsula, nestled between the Amagii Mountains and Sagami Bay, Higashi Izu is well known for its hot springs and its natural beauty.  

Home to Isono Hosono Kogen Highlands, avast and scenic mountain area hikers are rewarded with panoramic views of the highlands and Suruga Bay from the summit.

Highlights of higashi izu

Higashi Izu is home to Izu Animal Kingdom, where you can feed a white tiger or pet a rhinoceros, and the fascinating Atagawa Banana and Alligator Garden 

Inatori Hosono Kogen is a mecca for Paragliders – for adventurous travellers tandem flights are available to soak in the wonderful coastal views from above.

Atagawa You Yu Beach, with its sandy beach and good waves, is popular with surfers and families alike.

Close to Higashi Izu

Things to do & See

SUMMER ( June - August  - 15 - 35 degrees)

Enjoy strolling along the beach under a full moon in Inatori, wander through the candles at the Symphony Festa of Light and Sound or enjoy fireworks blasting into the Atagawa night sky.


AUTUMN ( September - November - 10 - 25 degrees)

Autumn in Higashi Izu is most famous for the golden pampas grass that grows in the Inatori Hosono Highlands - 125 hectares of rolling hills that are 15 minutes by car or taxi from Izu-Inatori Station.

From early November every year there are buses that take people up into the hills to walk among the pampas grass and enjoy the views - There is also a paragliding festival that takes place on the 2nd weekend of November every year.

Autumn is also known for having the best scuba diving conditions of the year with a combination of good sea temperatures and great visibility.


WINTER ( December - February - 5 - 20 degrees)

Winter is a time for onsen in Higashi Izu and the town has a long history of welcoming visitors that want to escape the winter and enjoy superb Japanese hospitality.

The weather is often stable with plenty of blue sky days and Higashi Izu is somewhat sheltered from the harsh West winds that can batter the other coast.

Be sure to check out the famous Inatori Doll Festival display every year from January through to Girls Day on March 3rd. 

Winter is also a great time for fresh seafood such as Spiny Lobster and fresh fruit such as naval oranges and strawberries.


SPRING (March - May - 10 - 25 degrees)


Take the Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen Kodama from Tokyo to Atami, and change to the local Ito line train to Ito Station. 

At Ito Station you transfer to the local Izukyu Railway Shimoda line and ride that as far as Izu-Inatori station.




Take the Tomei Expressway from Tokyo and follow signs to Shizuoka.  Take the Nagaizumi-Namazu IC towards Izu Jukan Expressway / Mishima / Shimoda. 

Continue onto Route 136 and Route 414.  Turn left onto Route 135 which will take you to Higashi Izu




You can explore the center of Higashi Izu by foot but it is recommended to have a car or campervan to reach some of the other attractions in the area including Inatori Hosono Kogen and Izu Animal Kingdom .

In order to access some of the other local attractions such as Hosono Kogen it is best to use a car, campervan or use the local buses.  


Higashi Izu is famous for its many Onsen options and there are a number of traditional ryokan options available on the coast offering outdoor hot springs with ocean views and Japanese Omotenashi service.



There are a number of Onsen resort hotels in the Higashi Izu area that blend Japanese and Western style.

Luxury brand hotels such as Kissho Caren and Izu Hamanoyu and Spa Resort Ryugu no Tsukai are great examples of Hotels that have blended Japanese and Western hospitality exceptionally well.



For non-Japanese speakers options for minshuku or guesthouses around Higashi Izu are limited but some options include – Taihei-So, Kanemi-so, or Hamayu which provide modest accommodation and meals.



Hosono Plateau Tree House Village which is located inland is a great choice for camping. 

For those looking for something a little closer to the coast Stone Chair Camping Ground is also an option.

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